The steel plates keep coming off the surface I attached it to, what can I do?

For extremely smooth surfaces like transparent glass, TPU plastic, some silicones, or stainless steel, additional adhesive like super glue may be required to ensure proper adhesion of the steel plate.

We recommend Gorilla Glue brand super glue like the one on the right.

Make sure the surface you are attaching it to does not have adverse effects with super glue.

Most transparent glass, TPU plastic, or stainless steel do not have adverse effects with super glue and can easily be removed when desired but please be careful with synthetics like leather, certain plastics and acrylics and apply a little on an inconspicuous area to test it.

glue image
The VQ Volt won't charge my vaporizer?

Please ensure the VQ Volt is charged.

Try taking the vaporizer out of the VQ Volt and reinserting it.

If those two solutions don't work please contact customer support using the contact us form found here

The VQ Volt won't charge?

Please ensure the Micro-USB cable is properly plugged into the power source and try charging a different device to confirm the Micro-USB cable is operational.

If it is and the VQ Volt still isn't charging, please contact customer support using the contact us form found here

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