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How does it work?

The VQ Volt is so simple and intuitive to use it can be explained in 5 simple steps.

  1. Stick it.
  2. Stick it again.
  3. Attach it.
  4. Charge it.
  5. Charge it again.

Here’s what we mean by that:

Short Quick Start Guide: Straight To The Point Version
  1. Remove contents from packaging
  2. Fully charge VQ Volt using the included Micro-USB Cable.
  3. Stick the 2 steel plates to the 2 desired surfaces you would want to charge your JUUL brand vaporizer on.
  4. Make sure to leave enough room on all sides so the VQ Volt sits flush on the surface it is being attached to.
  5. Attach VQ Volt to steel plate and find the center until it locks in place.
  6. Insert JUUL brand vaporizer into VQ Volt.
  7. Charging will start Immediately.
  8. LED on VQ Volt will flash 3 times and LED on JUUL brand vaporizer will illuminate to indicate its charging.
  9. Once the JUUL brand vaporizer is done charging the LED on it will turn off and the VQ Volt will shut down to conserve power for the next time you need it.
  10. You can continue to leave your JUUL brand vaporizer inserted even after its fully charged so you know whereyou left it last.
Long Detailed FUN Version

Welcome to the long detailed fun version of our instructions for the VQ Volt, We hope you enjoy it.

Using the VQ Volt

First you will need to take the VQ Volt out of the packaging obviously, so go ahead and do that by opening the box it is enclosed in and pulling out the plastic tray.

Find the 2 places you want to charge your JUUL brand vaporizer the most.

For us it was our Cell phones and nightstands because we want to take it with us wherever we go so we always have a place to hold and charge our vape when we aren’t using it and so when we get home at the end of the day we can take it off our phones and attach it to our nightstands to charge it and charge our phones on a wireless charger.

Stick the 2 included steel plates to those desired locations, giving yourself enough clearance on all sides so that the VQ Volt sits flush on the surface, by removing the protective tape, aligning it on the desired surface, and once you’ve found that perfect spot, pressing it down firmly for 10-15 seconds on all sides to ensure proper adhesion.

Once those steel plates are stuck to your desired surfaces, attach the VQ Volt to one of them and find the center and you will feel it lock in place so it doesn’t move side to side or up and down without you lifting it out to you.

Make sure it is sitting flush on the surface.

Lift it out towards you and make sure the steel plate stays on the surface that you attached it to.

If it comes off then try to stick it on the same surface again and press down firmly for 10-15 seconds on all sides to make sure proper adhesion is achieved and try again. If it still comes off click here for our FAQ page or here troubleshooting.

Now here is where we, and all companies, would recommend that you give the VQ Volt a top off and charge it fully before first use but honestly the battery comes fully charged and while there might be a little power lost from the time we manufactured it to the time you received it you could probably start using it right away and nothing will happen, it just may not last as long as its intended to on a full charge. But the choice is yours.

Now that you’ve got all of that done its time to start using your VQ Volt.

Using the VQ Volt

Simply insert your JUUL brand vaporizer in and feel as the magnets pull it down to begin charging while securely holding your JUUL brand vaporizer in place.

You will see the LED on the VQ Volt flash 3 times in either Green, Yellow, Or red to indicate the battery level of the VQ Volt and the LED on the JUUL brand vaporizer will start illuminating to indicate it is charging as well.

Once the JUUL brand vaporizer is done charging, the LED on it will turn off and the VQ Volt will shut down automatically to reserve battery for the next time you need to charge it.

You can charge your JUUL brand vaporizer up to 2 times from the VQ Volt on a single charge, that should be enough to get you through the day and night.

We say it’s like having 2 JUUL brand vaporizers on you at all times without the need to.

Charging the VQ Volt

Once the VQ Volt’s battery has depleted it will flash red 10 times indicating there isn’t enough battery to provide a charge anymore.

Not a problem, for most this will happen at the end of their day when they are getting home, and for some you may never see that happen if you charge it daily like most us do with our phone.

Once the VQ Volt is ready to be recharged simply attach the provided Micro-USB cable, or any Micro-USB cable you may have laying around that came with some other product you’ve bought in the last 10 years, and watch the VQ Volt charge up.

If you’ve left your JUUL brand Vaporizer inserted into the VQ Volt then it will also start charging until it is full.

Once the VQ Volt is fully charged the LED will illuminate solid green and once the JUUL Brand Vaporizer is fully charged its LED will also Illuminate solid green if the VQ Volt is plugged into the USB charger.

You can charge it while its attached to your phone or take it off and attach it to your nightstand and charge it there, or any other place you stuck one of the steel plates, it could be your hand or your car dashboard or on a plane, but that would be a waste of a steel plate!

And that’s it you’re done charging it.

Now when you’re ready to go, just unplug it and take it with you or leave it connected to the Micro-USB cable and take your vaporizer out and use it up and charge it back up with the VQ Volt when your vape dies again.

I think we covered it all but if you still have any questions or concerns check out or FAQ page here: FAQ

BTW, in case you were wondering, we are legally required to say JUUL brand vaporizer every time we mention it so we apologize for that, every time you see the name of the vaporizer our product is compatible with.

Always Charged,
Always with you,
So you never miss a puff!

- VQ by Vaportronix