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How does the VQ Volt Work?

The VQ Volt is the most simple and intuitive Juul brand vaporizer charger you will ever own. Simply attach one of the included VQ Steel Plates to the desired surface.

Snap on the VQ Volt and find the center so its secured to the surface.

Slide in your vaporizer and watch it start charging.

What surfaces can I attach the VQ Steel Plates / VQ Volt to?

What surfaces can I attach the VQ Steel Plates / VQ Volt to?


Our VQ Steel Plates use authentic 3M brand adhesive and can be attached to any flat surface such as the back of a phone or phone case, a nightstand or desk, a car dashboard, or anywhere you would like to have easy access to a charger for your vaporizer.


Some surfaces hold better than others.

Can I leave my JUUL brand vaporizer inserted in the VQ Volt even if its fully charged?

Yes. The VQ Volt will recognize that the JUUL brand vaporizer is fully charged and shut down, conserving power for the next time you need it.

Can I use my vape, insert it into the VQ Volt, use it again, and put it back in the VQ Volt?

Yes. You can use your vape and insert it back into the VQ Volt, let it charge up and take it out again and use it when you need.

That way your vape is always fully charged and ready to go.

How much clearance do I need on each side so the VQ Volt sits flush on the surface I am attaching it to?

½ inch on top, ¼ inch on the bottom and 1/3 inch on each side.

What is the battery capacity of the VQ Volt?

The VQ Volt is equipped with 480mah of power to ensure up to 2 full charges of your JUUL Brand Vaporizer.

Number of charges may vary from user to user and depending on age of JUUL brand vaporizer

What does the LED on the VQ Volt indicate?

The LED on the VQ Volt indicates the battery level and what stage of charging it is on.

The levels are:

Green: 100%-50%

Yellow: 50%-25%

Red: Under 25%

How long does the VQ Volt take to charge? How long does the VQ Volt take to charge my vape?

The VQ Volt can charge from empty to full in 60 minutes or less.

The VQ Volt can charge your vaporizer from empty to full in as little as 30 minutes.

Do the magnets on the VQ Volt Interfere with my phone?

No! That is a common misconception.

If magnets interfered with your phone in anyway, car air vent clips that use magnets to hold your phone in place wouldn’t be sold as much as they are.

Do the VQ Steel Plates interfere with wireless charging?

The VQ Steel Plates do not interfere with wireless charging as long as they aren't placed directly on top of the wireless charging receiver which is usually in the center of a phone or any wireless charging device

What model phone is the VQ Volt Compatible with?

The VQ Volt is compatible with all phone models and brands!

How do I recharge the VQ Volt?

The VQ Volt can be recharged using the provided Micro-USB cable.

You can also use any other Micro-USB cable you may have from other devices.

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