Fluux is revolutionizing vaping cessation.

Help your employees monitor, reduce, and quit vaping with the help of Fluux.

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Our discrete design makes tracking your employee’s usage effortless. The convenience of having a place to store and charge their vape when they aren't using it makes usability a breeze so that the device is easily adopted.

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Using analytics, we provide employees the knowledge to make informed decisions on usage. Our tools can be used to budget vape pods and also lets users see which months they may have exceeded their cessation limits.

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Our app tracks how many pods are used and how many puffs they have taken, allowing users to set wellness goals to guide their cessation journey. By creating objectives and tracking their progress, they are able to gain control of their vaping habit.

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Use our app to order more pods when needed manually or set up Auto-Ship and have the VQ FLUUX app reorder for you when you’re running low to ensure your fresh pods arrive before your run out.

Business Features

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Customized Reporting

Empower users by allowing them to track their goal progression through reporting analytics that help them understand their trends.

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Social Community

Reinforce good habits through shared gamification with colleagues, friends, and family.

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Mobile App

Collect analytics and insights about vaping habits, goals, history, and money spent on pods.

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Nicotine Replacement

Vapes are not only strong cessation tools, but also help prevent full-blown relapse into traditional tobacco products.

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Connect with coaches that can assist users in achieving their cessation goals.

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Milestone Awards

Help encourage users to stay on track with positive reinforcement from popular brands.

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