to provide the best way for no one to ever have to go back to smoking cigarettes again!

about vaprtronix

Vaportronix was founded in 2014 with the mission of providing a simple solution to vaporizer users biggest problem.

The battery not lasting as long as needed and preventing anyone from ever losing another vaporizer again.

We wanted to make sure anyone trying to quit smoking had a way to ensure they would never go back to traditional cigarettes.

As former smokers our own biggest problems with vaporizers were that they would die without warning, usually when we needed them most, and losing them by leaving them behind because we didn't have a designated place to store them when we weren't using them, except our pockets.

innovative method

Using our patented technology, we released our first product, the VQase, in July 2016.

The VQase was a phone case designed for the iPhone 6, 7, & 8 with the ability to store and charge our proprietary vaporizer, the VQ Stick.

With the rise of Juul brand vaporizer and feedback from customers, we came to the conclusion that we needed to come up with a universal solution to ensure everyone could always have their favorite vaporizer charged, and with them.

finding what works

We wanted to test this theory, so we invented the VQ Lite in January 2018.

It was a simple silicone holder designed to be attached to any surface, but primarily your phone, using super strong 3M brand adhesive, so you always knew where your vaporizer was, and you always had a designated place to put it.

Our theory was proven when we sold over 100,000 units in the first year and countless Chinese factories copied our design after seeing our success.

Although the VQ Lite was our most successful product, it only solved one of the two problems we had set out to solve and our customers only complaint was that once it was stuck to a desired surface there wasn't a way to stick it anywhere else after that.

getting to this point

After a year or research and development and countless different conceptions we are finally proud to introduce the VQ Volt!

The world's most innovative portable vaporizer charger!

The VQ Volt is our first removable portable charger that can be attached and removed from any surface you would want easy access to a vaporizer charger.

Using our latest patented technology, you can attach our VQ Volt to the back of your phone, your nightstand, your car dashboard, your desk, or any surface you would want to charge your vaporizer and know exactly where you left it last.

The VQ Volt can be attached to any surface by using our VQ Steel Plates and the integrated magnets built into the VQ Volt.

Simply attach one of the provided VQ Steel Plates to the desired surface and attach the VQ volt on top of the steel plate and you're ready to start charging your vaporizer.

the final result

Want to charge your vaporizer somewhere else?

Just pull the VQ Volt off of the steel plate and attach it to another location you have attached the additional steel plate we have provided.

Take it with you when you want, or leave it behind when you don't, but you'll always know where you left it, and your vaporizer, last.

With the VQ Volt we believe we have created a universal approach to every vaporizer user's biggest problem with their device.

The VQ Volt is compatible with every cell phone model, can be attached to any flat surface, and can even be attached to your existing magnetic air vent clip that you may have in your car already.

Our VQ Steel plates can also be used to attach your phone to any existing magnetic air vent clip for your car so if you have two air vent clips you can attach both your phone and the VQ Volt to have easy access to both while driving.

The VQ Volt provides a truly portable charging experience and a place to always store your vaporizer when you aren't using it, so you never lose another vaporizer again!

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