If you are tired of having your Juul die on you or misplacing your vape, then we are here to help. Our VQ Volt Juul charging case is one of the most convenience Juul portable chargers on the market. It is designed to be attached right to your phone so you can charge your Juul device on the go. You will love the convenience of having a fully charged Juul that is ready to use without needing a portable charger taking up room in your bag. Just grab your phone and you're all set.


The VQ Volt is the world's first PATENTED, universal, portable charger designed for the JUUL brand vaporizer. Using our VQ Steel plates and high strength rare earth magnets, the VQ Volt is a Juul phone charger that can be attached to the back of your...

Dual USB Charger

Want to charge your phone and VQ Volt from the same outlet? So do we! Thats why we have this handy dual usb charger that lets you charge 2 devices from the same outlet. The prongs fold up nicely for easy travel without pocking you...

Micro-USB Cable 40"

Need a longer USB cable to charger your VQ Volt? We got you covered! This USB cable is 40" long, sturdy and will make charging your VQ Volt whoever you want even easier!
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