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True Portable Charging

Charge from anywhere you want whenever you want.

Using our patented technology, the VQ Volt is the only removable portable charger designed to go with you wherever you go on the device you use most or be attached to anywhere you would like to frequently charge your JUUL.

Never Lose it Again!

By always having your JUUL in your VQ Volt when you arent using it, you will never wonder where you left it last or risk losing it again.

Fast Charging

Charge your JUUL from empty to full in the 30 minutes or less

Never Forget to Charge it Again

When your day is over and your plugging in your phone before you go to sleep, connect the included USB cable to the VQ Volt and charge it up so its ready to go again tomorrow. Your JUUL will instantly start charging as well so its ready for you when you wake up. If you prefer to wirelessly charge your phone just remove the VQ Volt from your phone and attach it to your nightstand

Magnetic Connection

Using our patented technology, the VQ Volt is the only portable charger designed to be removed from one surface and attached to another using the included steel plates and our specially designed extra strong magnets. Strong enough to ensure the VQ Volt will never fall off the surface you have attached it to but not too strong so the VQ Volt is easy to remove and attach to another surface whenever you want. VQ Volt includes 2 steel plates.

Simple but Revolutionary

To charge your JUUL brand vaporizer, simply insert it into the VQ Volt and watch the LED on the VQ Volt flash 3 times, indicating the battery level of the VQ Volt, and your JUUL will instantly start charging. When the JUUL is finished charging the LED on the JUUL will turn off. You can keep the JUUL in the VQ Volt while on the go without it draining the battery so when you need to charge up again its ready to go.

Slim, Discreet, Compact Design

Measuring only 2.6" long by 2" wide and only 0.4" thick

The VQ Volt is about the same thickness as an iPhone 11 and by far the smallest, most compact and discrete, portable charger on the market.

Like Having 2 JUUL's

Enough built in battery to charge your JUUL, up to 2 times, from empty to full


The VQ Volt is so compact and lightweight, you will barely notice it is there!




Charge you JUUL brand vaporizer up to 2 times on the go.


Using our system of magnets and VQ Steel plates, attach your VQ Volt to any surface you would want easy access to your JUUL brand vaporizer while allowing it to constantly charger when you aren't using it so its always charged, always with you, so you never miss a puff!


Once you insert your Juul brand vaporizer into the VQ Volt the LED's on the VQ Volt will flash 3 times in either Green, Yellow, Or Red to indicate how much battery power is left in the VQ Volt


Protect your Juul brand vaporizer and always know where you left it last, in you VQ Volt of course

VQ Volt Accessories

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