VQ FLUUX (Coming Soon)

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The VQ FLUUX is the worlds first PATENTED, portable, universal charger designed for the JUUL brand vaporizer that comes with a build in app packed with features to help you understand how you vape, how frequently you vape, how much you spend on pods, how many puffs you take, and can even help you cut down if you want!

The VQ FLUUX app dashboard shows you the battery levels of the VQ FLUUX, your vaporizer, and shows you how much liquid is left in your pod.

You can even set goals to cut down and the app will support you and guide you to reaching or exceeding your goal in the timeframe you set.

The VQ FLUUX app is so intuitive that if you opt-in to our auto-ship program, the VQ FLUUX app can reorder pods for you automatically so they are sure to arrive before you ever run out.

If you don't want to opt-in for auto-ship we still have you covered by sending you a notification when you're running low and should order more or show you where you can purchase them at the closest stores in your area.

If you are trying to cut down the app will even order the recommended amount for you if you opt-in for auto-ship or suggest a certain amount to purchase if you don't.

Just like our VQ Volt, the VQ FLUUX uses the VQ Steel plates and high strength rare earth magnets, so the VQ FLUUX can be attached to any flat surface like the back of your cell phone, desk, nightstand, car dashboard, or anywhere you would want to have easy access to your JUUL brand vaporizer.

Best of all, never lose another JUUL brand vaporizer again by always knowing where you left it last, in your VQ FLUUX of course!

To learn more about the VQ FLUUX and VQ FLUUX app check out the tabs below.

The VQ FLUUX by Vaportronix.

Always charged, Always with you, So you never miss a puff!

This Listing DOES NOT include a JUUL Brand Vaporizer.


Design Specs

2.1 in / 53.5 mm Wide

2.7 in / 68.6 mm Long

0.4 in / 10 mm Thick

Compatible Vaporizers

JUUL brand vaporizer

Battery Capacity

420 mAh

Enough to charge a JUUL brand vaporizer up to 2 times


1 oz (29 g)

Compatible Surfaces

All phones, flat surfaces, magnetic surfaces, car air vent clips.

Whats Included?

Each VQ fluux comes with:

  • 1 VQ fluux portable charger
  • 2 VQ Steel plates
  • 1 Micro-USB Cable

safety Certifications