Vaping Misconceptions: A Slippery Slope
Vaping Misconceptions: A Slippery Slope
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Vaping Misconceptions: A Slippery Slope

Studies have continuously shown that vaping is less harmful than vaping. E-cigarette users get exposed to significantly less of the carcinogenic toxins that are so common within traditional cigarettes. While it is undeniable to say that there are dangers that come with vaping, they have shown to be less dramatic than those from cigarettes. These studies continues to be reassuring to those who are have turned to e-cigarettes as a cessation tactic, as well as recreational users.

Even with affirming evidence, public perception has not reflected an understanding of this. E-cigarettes have been surrounded by negative press, leading to a skewed perspective of their dangers in comparison to cigarettes. A study from the JAMA Network showed that adults who thought that e-cigarettes were less harmful than cigarettes decreased. Also, there was an increase in the amount of US adults who saw e-cigarettes as more detrimental than cigarettes.  

The negative public misconceptions about the comparative dangers of these two types of products can lead to poor consequences. For instance, those who would have potentially used e-cigarettes as a cessation option may be turned off from doing so when hearing negative press. It may also lead those who are picking up smoking to start with the more harmful of the two options. 

While it is important to remember that vaping does not come without its health risks, it is essential to correctly portray it in comparison to cigarettes. Those looking to find a healthier option to cigarettes shouldn’t be scared away from a much healthier option due to disproportionate negative press.

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