The VQ Volt: A Juul Phone Charger That Changes the Vape Game
The VQ Volt: A Juul Phone Charger That Changes the Vape Game

The VQ Volt: A Juul Phone Charger That Changes the Vape Game

For some vapers, the revolutionary Juul Labs vape system changed the experience forever. Unlike traditional vape systems which typically consist of bulky mods and required vapers to carry around spare e-liquid for refills, the Juul Vaporizer system is slim, sleek, and convenient.

Juuls are much smaller and lighter than many traditional mods, and instead of taking liquid refills, they take Juul pods which are pre-filled. This slim, light, portable package represents the ultimate level of convenience to some vapers, but it comes at a price.

Because the Juul system is so small, serious vapers often find themselves with a dead battery when they go for another hit. In fact, battery life is one of the biggest complaints among Juul users.

Despite the immense popularity of Juuls, a common and recurring gripe centers on the short lifespan of the battery. Serious vapers might even need to charge their Juuls two or three times throughout the day.

For others that use their Juuls more lightly, the device might still typically require a charge per day. Forgetting to charge the Juul at night would leave the user with a dead battery that would only be discovered the next day. It is a frustrating reality, but one that can easily be countered.

This flies in the face of the convenience of the Juul. Portability is only valuable when the device works when you go to use it. Luckily, we’ve been on this case since 2014, and we’ve crafted the perfect solution.

Enter the VQ Volt by Vaportronix, the first portable, universal Juul phone charger to hit the market - and specifically designed to be compatible with Juul brand systems. It is designed to be the ultimate - the definitive - portable charger for Juuls. Never again will you have to experience the frustration and disappointment of a dead Juul - or one that dies unexpectedly.

The VQ Volt is a Juul phone charger engineered with convenience, reliability, and performance in mind. Made with high-strength steel plates and powerful rare earth magnets, the VQ Volt is specifically designed to adhere to flat metallic surfaces. It’s ideal for your desk, nightstand or even your dashboard - but the real convenience arises from its design to fit a wide range of smartphone cases.

It’s only 2.1 inches wide, 2.7 inches tall and less than half an inch thick and weighs one ounce - attach it to the back of your smartphone and you won’t even remember it’s there - that is, until you need it. It fits easily in your pocket and it’s right there when you call - on the back of your phone.

Portability and accessibility are not it’s only claims to convenience. When you need to charge your Juul, simply insert the device into the VQ Volt. The LED on the VQ Volt will flash three times before charging your Juul, and it will turn off when it’s done charging, preserving battery life.

That also means you can store your Juul right in the device, giving you a convenient, portable storage location for your charger and your Juul. The same trait that makes Juuls discreet and portable also makes them easy to lose. Never lose your Juul again when you store it with your VQ Volt - and you’ll always know where you left it when you store it with your VQ Volt.

The VQ Volt is also powerful and fast. Even if you pull out a fully dead Juul, using this Juul portable charging device you can bring it back to a full charge in as little as 30 minutes. It’s also not a one-and-done deal. The capacity on the VQ Volt is adequate for two full charges on a Juul. That means if you have your Juul fully charged and ready to go, it’ll be like you’re prepared with three full battery charges that you can use throughout the day.

The device also comes with a spare steel plate, so when you’re not on the go, you can keep this Juul portable charger conveniently at your bedside or on your desk - keep it wherever you need it for a fast and easy charge.

The compact, discreet, portable nature of this Juul phone charger is the ideal complement to the Juul system, which is already widely lauded for its compact nature, discretion of design and portability. Light, discrete, yet powerful and efficient, the VQ Volt is the last Juul charger you’ll ever need. Charge your Juul device wherever you go. It’s as simple as that.

To learn more about this revolutionary Juul phone charger, please get in touch with our team at We love hearing from our customers and we’d be glad to answer any questions you have on our products. While you’re here, make sure you take a look at some of the accessories we sell on our site, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss a beat!

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