JUUL Battery Problems? Not with This JUUL Travel Charger!
JUUL Battery Problems? Not with This JUUL Travel Charger!

JUUL Battery Problems? Not with This JUUL Travel Charger!

The JUUL probably needs no introduction here, at least not among our readers. What else can we say other than that it is an icon of convenience. Easy to fill with a JUUL pod, draw-activated and lacking the complex control panels and boxy design of most mods, the JUUL has quite a loyal fanbase. It’s great both for those who are transitioning away from smoking, as well as for dedicated cloud chasers.

If the JUUL itself needs no introduction, then you probably also know this: It’s far from perfect. Even though its limited capacity can be solved by carry around spare JUUL pods, battery life is another issue altogether. Many mods have more powerful batteries that last longer; JUULs are famous (or infamous) for going dead at the most inconvenient of times.

It’s a headache for anyone who loves to use a JUUL but has forgotten to charge it the night before. It’s also a headache for anyone that has failed to bring along a spare JUUL charger. Suffice it to say it’s a headache for any on-the-go JUUL user - and with that statement, we cast a broad net.

That being the case, if you or anyone you know has ever had a problem with a dead JUUL, or simply with JUUL batteries not lasting as long as desired, here at Vaportronix we have the definitive solution, and the last JUUL travel charger you will ever need: the VQ Volt.

Always Charged

The VQ Volt is the solution to years of frustration with JUUL battery problems like short battery life. For JUUL users that enjoy many sessions per day, even a battery that is fully charged in the morning might not last through the day. Luckily, the VQ Volt accounts for all of these.

It is a JUUL travel charger that mounts easily to any flat surface and is actually designed to mount to the back of most smartphones; but that’s not even the best part. The VQ Volt is impressively powerful and effective.

It has a significant battery capacity and in fact it can hold up to two full JUUL charges. If you charge it fully before taking it on the go with you, it’ll be like having three full JUULs ready to go. Additionally, it is remarkably efficient. It can fully charge a dead JUUL in as little as 30 minutes. Imagine bringing a JUUL from dead to ready in less than a half hour!

The VQ Volt even keeps you ready with its built in LED light indicator. Plug your JUUL into it and the LED will flash three times to give you a subjective assessment of the life of your JUUL - either red, yellow or green. It takes guesswork out of the equation.

But power and efficiency are only a part of the picture. The VQ Volt is more effective than a charger because it holds its own charge and can always be by your side - it’s always with you.

Always with You

The VQ Volt is the first patented JUUL travel charger that can be attached to basically any flat surface - you can easily attach it to your desk, nightstand, dashboard, or any other flat surface. What really makes it revolutionary in this regard is that you can attach it right to the back of most smartphones via the aid of the powerful magnetic VQ steel plates that come with it.

It’s the definition of ergonomic, coming in at less than only 1 ounce and with diminutive dimensions of 2.6 by 2 by .4 inches. It’s the smallest portable JUUL charger out there by a long shot.

It raises convenience to the next level; keep your phone with you and your JUUL with your phone and you’ll never be without either, or without a portable charger, again. Plus, this JUUL portable charging case is more than just a convenient way to charge your JUUL device. You can actually store your JUUL in it when you’re not using it.

The small, sleek dimensions of JUUL vaporizers that make them so popular also make it easy to lose them - but when you aren’t using it, pop it into your VQ Volt and you’ll never miss it again.

Learn More and Get in Touch

Here at Vaportronix, we provide the revolutionary VQ Volt, along with a bundled package that includes a JUUL, as well as other useful accessories like micro USB cables and charging blocks. We have everything you need to create a system for keeping your JUUL at the ready.

To learn more about the unique, groundbreaking features of our product, feel free to get in touch with us at We love hearing from our customers and we’re here to answer your questions, but in the meantime, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss out on new features and new releases.

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