How Vaping Can Prevent Smoking Relapses
How Vaping Can Prevent Smoking Relapses

How Vaping Can Prevent Smoking Relapses

Smoking cessation is not an easy undertaking, but research suggests that vaping may help prevent long term relapses. According to a study published to the Drug and Alcohol Review, a research team from the University of East Anglia has found evidence that e-cigarette users can have an occasional slip up without leading back into full-blown tobacco use.

Before the use of vapes as a smoking substitute, previous findings had shown that full relapse often follows any short term tobacco use. This study suggests a short term relapse while vaping is less likely to lead to any major return of the habit. In fact, some people who used both tobacco and vapes had ended up smoking less even without intending to quit.

Subjects often described vaping being a much more pleasurable experience than smoking. They also reported that smoking relapses were followed by bad smells, tastes, and nausea. Vaping was preferred due to better flavors, lack of after smell, and better overall experience. It also still mimicked the social and mental stimuli associated with smoking. People are still able to join friends on smoke breaks, and it satisfies the physical and mental habits that are hard to replace in other cessation methods.

These factors made people more confident during their relapses. Whether they did it to test their resolve, accompany a lonely smoker, or because they forget their vape at home, they didn’t feel the danger of one cigarette leading to a full relapse. They no longer consider themselves smokers, but vapers. This identity switch created a mental space that isn’t found with folks trying to quit without a vape. The social and psychological pressure of one cigarette making them a smoker again, the stress of which leads to full relapse, is no longer present. This makes people much more confident in their abstinence. These studies all point to vaping as being a strong smoking cessation tool, especially for those concerned about relapses.

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