How Our Phone Accessory Revolutionizes the Vaping Lifestyle
How Our Phone Accessory Revolutionizes the Vaping Lifestyle
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How Our Phone Accessory Revolutionizes the Vaping Lifestyle

The e-cigarette market has been expanding exponentially this year, with 55 million people expected to be vaping in 2020. As the activity becomes more mainstream and accessible, people are trying to find inventive solutions to the shortcomings of modern e-cigarettes, namely how easy they are to lose and how often they need to charge. VQ FLUUX looks to solve that problem for e-cigarette users while also providing usage data. Some of the benefits of VQ FLUUX include:

  • Storage: Never misplace your e-cigarette again, you can carry it with you wherever you take your cell phone.
  • Constant Charge: Your JUUL is charged quickly and conveniently while stored.
  • Track Your Pod Use: The companion app keeps track of how many pods you go through, helping you make more informed purchasing decisions.
  • Stay Informed: The VQ FLUUX smoothly works with the app to provide you data on your usage patterns. Take control of how often you want to vape and use the tracking to gain insight into your habit.

  • By having your JUUL charged at all times, you will better have the ability to vape when and where is most convenient for you. VQ FLUUX will also assist you in monitoring how much you spend on pods each month so that you can budget. If you want insights into how often you vape, it also provides that information so you can set health and usage goals for yourself. This unique device will help you empower your vaping lifestyle and give you the data you need to make informed decisions about your habit.

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