How (Our) JUUL Phone Case Charger Will Make Your Life Easier
How (Our) JUUL Phone Case Charger Will Make Your Life Easier

How (Our) JUUL Phone Case Charger Will Make Your Life Easier

Vapers love the JUUL system. It is as beloved a device for dedicated vapers as it is for those who use it as a smoking cessation product. The JUUL system is the hallmark of convenience and sets the bar for other vape devices.

It is slim, lightweight, portable, convenient and easy to use. Draw activated, it doesn’t require vapers to mess with settings or buttons, unlike some larger, bulkier, more complex mods. Since it takes pods, there is nothing for JUUL users to refill, and the system is compact and practical.

For vapers who like to vape on the go, the JUUL offers a lot of benefits. Its influence can be seen in the design and use of other vape pens that followed, which is a true testament to its popularity.

But the JUUL is not perfect - that is, not nearly perfect, until you pair it with a VQ Volt JUUL Phone Case Charger system.

Problems with the JUUL

Despite the fact that the JUUL system was a groundbreaker and is still widely enjoyed today, JUULs are not without their setbacks. If you are a JUUL user yourself, perhaps you can sympathize with some of these.

  • JUULs can be easy to lose

A JUUL is streamlined, slim, light and convenient. You might even say you can forget its there until you go for a hit. But, by then, if you’ve lost it, it’s too late!

  • By the same token, it can be easy to forget a JUUL

The same traits that make a JUUL portable and compact also make it easy to overlook them, especially if you store them out of sight and out of mind.

  • It’s easy to forget to charge a JUUL overnight, or before you leave the house

Unfortunately, JUULs can be like phones in this respect. You use it when you need it and forget it when you don’t. That can cause you to forget to charge it overnight or before you leave for the day.

  • JUUL battery life is notoriously short

The big kicker here is that, despite the overwhelming utility and ease of use of a JUUL, it has a short battery life. For heavy users, the battery life might not even make it through half of a day, leaving them with dead JUUL vaporizers.

  • Some vapers feel that JUUL pods run out too quickly

Finally, some vapers feel that the capacity of JUUL pods leaves something to be desired. This means that conscientious users may keep a supply of spare pods on hand at all times to be better prepared.

We met each of these problems nearly head on in the design of our VQ Volt JUUL Phone Case Charger, and in the latter case, our Fluux app can streamline your fulfillment process. Here’s how we took them down.

How We Conquered Them

The VQ Volt is the ultimate system for keeping your JUUL where you need and ready before you need it, and our innovators even solved the latter issue with a bit of forward thinking.

The VQ Volt itself is slim, light and discrete. It weighs an ounce and it's just about 2.1 by 2.7 by .4 inches - very slim and light. What really distinguishes it from the competition is that this JUUL phone case charger is designed to mount easily to any flat surface, notably a cell phone.

Each VQ Volt comes with two steel plates for mounting, and it's sized perfectly for most smartphones. Stick your JUUL in the VQ Volt on the back of your phone, and as long as you remember to bring your phone, you’ll always have your JUUL with you too.

It’s also the perfect storage location for the same exact reason, which will free you from overlooking, forgetting or losing your JUUL.

Additionally, this JUUL charger case is capacious and powerful. Charge up this phone charger and it can fully charge up a dead JUUL up to two times. That means that if you leave in the morning with a fully charged JUUL and VQ Volt, it’ll be like having a total of three JUULs on you. Plus, this charger is fast.

There’s no more waiting an hour for a full charge. This portable charging case can bring a dead JUUL device back to life in as little as a half hour.

As for the pod issue - carry extra JUUL pods, by all means, but with the release of our forthcoming Fluux app, that problem will stay in the past. One useful feature of this app is that it can track your pod usage and track when you need more - there’s even an option for auto-shipment so you never run out.

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Ready to learn more about the VQ Volt portable charger or our revolutionary new app? Feel free to reach out to our customer service team at and we’ll be glad to assist.

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