Attention JUUL Users: The Ideal JUUL Portable Charging Case Is Here
Attention JUUL Users: The Ideal JUUL Portable Charging Case Is Here

Attention JUUL Users: The Ideal JUUL Portable Charging Case Is Here

If you enjoy a JUUL on the regular, then we have some news for you that you’re not going to miss. We sure love the JUUL, as do you, which is no surprise, but the device is bound by some unique limitations.

If you’ve ever experienced any of the following situations, then we have some good news for you.

  • Frustration at the length of a JUUL’s battery life or capacity
  • Running out of power just when you needed to get a hit
  • Forgetting to charge your portable JUUL charger before you went out for the day
  • Just simply forgot to bring your charger wherever you went

For any of you that have experienced issues like these, we have the solution, and it’s the ultimate JUUL portable charging case.

Why Vapers Love the JUUL

The JUUL really is a revolutionary product. Not only cheaper and more convenient than cigarettes, JUUL systems are superior in many ways to the mods that some vapers prefer. Unlike larger, heavier, bulkier mods, the JUUL system provides a streamlined, simplified experience to enjoy a hit of nicotine.

There is something to be said for the fact that some vapers prefer the more intricate mods. They’re customizable in a lot of ways and enable the vaper to really take control of the experience. Many of them have interchangeable parts that can be replaced and altered to refine the intensity of the experience or the clouds produced. However, this is not always ideal for those looking for a quick hit.

That’s much of the reason that the JUUL is such a popular product. It is much easier to use and more convenient than the larger, bulkier mods it is intended to replace. It has no buttons or switches and is draw activated. Simply ensure that the device is charged, insert a JUUL pod and draw gently to enjoy a Nic hit. There are no buttons to manipulate or difficult controls or settings to mess with.

The fact that JUULs are also designed to be compatible with proprietary JUUL pods is another big bonus. Their pods are available in two strengths and are easy to use, disposable and non-refillable. This offers a significant edge over some mods which require users to carry around extra e-liquid and tanks and refill on the fly. Some users prefer it, but it’s not a big bonus for convenience. JUUL users can carry around spare pods and be on their way.

JUULs are not only streamlined, easy to use, and compatible with convenient pods. They are also slim and discrete, which is ideal for anyone looking to carry around a small vape pen for on the go use. This frees you from the need to carry around a pack of cigarettes and a lighter and is significantly more discreet than larger mods. It’s also lighter and will save you space in your bag, pocket, drawer, glove box or wherever you keep your vaping essentials.

The JUUL system has cemented its place among vapers and enjoys a loyal following; this much is clear. However, JUULs are not without their issues.

Limitations of the JUUL

While the JUUL system has such a loyal following and plenty of dedicated users, there are some common gripes that users frequently raise. Consider if any of the following has ever happened to you.

Have you ever been out running errands, just enjoying some outdoors recreation, or even on a break at work, when you felt the need to make a good time better in the company of your JUUL? You wouldn’t be alone - but if you’ve ever had this experience only to have your expectations disappointed by reaching for a JUUL that wasn’t there, you wouldn’t be alone.

JUULs are revolutionary for their slim, sleek design, but there’s a problem built in. Those same qualities that enable discretion and ease of portability also make the JUUL easy to lose. Without a dedicated space or case to keep your JUUL, it’s all too easy to lose one. They’re small and convenient, but far too easy to lose, and they have a habit of going missing just as soon as you need them!

An even more common gripe is that the JUUL’s battery just doesn’t last long enough. For those of you who are fastidious and have never experienced the disappointment of having a JUUL go missing on you may have partaken of this other misfortune.

JUULs have a habit of dying just when you need them most. The battery capacity of the JUUL system definitely leaves something to be desired. This is actually one of the most common complaints about the JUUL system, and another tradeoff that is paid for the benefit of convenience. The JUUL is small and discrete, but its battery just doesn’t last as long as most vapers would like.

This results in a frustrating experience when many vapers lose battery power right in the middle of a session or when they pull out their JUUL for a hit. For some vapers, this means going many hours between charges, especially if you don’t have a portable charger on hand, or one with adequate capacity.

Luckily, the VQ Volt is a JUUL portable charging case that has changed all that and brought some additional benefits into focus.

Enter the VQ Volt

With our revolutionary VQ Volt, you’ll never have to be without a JUUL portable charging case again, and carrying one will free you of all of the frustration mentioned previously while introducing all new functionality.

We listened to the complaints of JUUL users, and then we went to the drawing board and produced the VQ Volt - which provides, among other things, some of the following features:

  • Attaches to flat surfaces and phones with ease - even easy to remove!

The VQ volt is the ultimate secure portable charging case for JUUL devices. It consists of a tough, high quality holder that can be securely attached to a phone or to flat surfaces like desks, tabletops or even a car dashboard via the aid of powerful, steel plates and integrated magnets.

It couldn’t be easier - all you need to do is attach one of the included steel plates to a surface and then attach the VQ Volt via the aid of the magnets. While it’s convenient to keep your JUUL close at hand by your desk or nightstand, it really shines as an accessory for your smartphone.

It can be conveniently attached to most smartphones by the same method and is ergonomic and sized just right. Plus, pairing it with your phone will help prevent you from forgetting anything - either your JUUL or your charger, since they’ll be right in the same place!

  • Slim, sleek design is out of sight and out of mind till you need it

Yes, the VQ Volt is a JUUL portable charging case that is ideal for attaching to your phone, but it's sized just right, too. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with bulky, heavy or angular chargers that made big claims of convenience and ergonomics, you won’t go wrong with the VQ Volt!

At under a half inch thick and barely more than two by two inches (its dimensions are .4x.2.1x2.7 inches) and weighing just about an ounce, it is the ultimate lightweight, slim, discreet portable charging device for your JUUL system.

Like the best of all convenient things, it’s the type of charger you can affix to your phone and then happily forget is even there - until you need it!

  • Convenient magnetic attachment

The VQ Volt is also an excellent solution for a portable charger for your JUUL device because of its unique, proprietary and effective mounting system. Unlike other charging cases which may use more permanent mounting fixtures, the powerful magnetic mounting system is the perfect compromise.

The magnetic interface makes it easier to remove the VQ Volt whenever you need to and place it somewhere else, and it even comes with two steel plates, so if you want to place a second one at your desk or bedside to provide yourself with another solution for charging, it’s easy!

  • Fast charging - no long wait times

Another problem you may have had with chargers in the past is that they just take too long to bring your JUUL back to a fully charged state. Well, our VQ Volt is not just slim and convenient to carry about with you - it is also powerful and efficient.

Let’s say you have your trusty VQ Volt with you and for whatever reason, you weren’t storing the JUUL in it. When you go to take a draw from the JUUL, it’s stone dead. The VQ Volt can take a completely dead JUUL back to a completely charged state in as little as 30 minutes. Just plug the JUUL into the device, knock out a few items on your to-do list and when you come back to it, you’ll have a fully charged JUUL that’s ready for a vape session - but it gets even better!

  • Excellent capacity - get up to two full JUUL charges!

Possibly the best feature of the VQ Volt isn’t even the fact that it is so fast and effective. It might just be the capacity. You see, this JUUL portable charging case isn’t like carrying around a spare, fully charged JUUL in your pocket. It’s like carrying around two. In fact, if you keep your JUUL fully charged to begin the day and keep the topped-off VQ Volt in reserve, it’s like carrying around three.

The VQ Volt has a battery capacity that is roughly equivalent to two fully-charged JUULs, so if you’ve ever had a bad experience with a charger that ran pretty dry after just one charge up, fret not. The VQ Volt enables you to keep the equivalent of several spare JUULs on hand, in one small package.

  • Never be without a spare charge again - the ultimate JUUL portable charging case

The VQ Volt doesn’t just provide you with a practical avenue to charge your JUUL device. It also enables you to keep that JUUL close at hand. Plug that JUUL into the VQ Volt and you’ve got the ideal portable carrying case built right in.

You’ll note that one of the most commonly aired issues is that JUULs have an untimely, unpleasant habit of going missing when needed most, and in one fell swoop, the VQ Volt will help prevent this and prevent you from running into a dead JUUL ever again!

For those of you that have ever reached for a JUUL only to find nothing in its place, just attach a VQ Volt to your phone and pop your JUUL right into the slot. It’ll be right there, where you need it, every time you call for it.

A title like the ideal JUUL portable charging case isn’t awarded lightly, but with the ability to provide you with several charges, a slim, ergonomic, modern design, and a place to store your JUUL until you need it, how could we call the VQ Volt anything but the best?

Don’t Forget Accessories for Your JUUL Portable Charging Case!

The VQ Volt is, itself, an indispensable accessory for your JUUL, but here at Vaportronix, we provide essential supporting accessories as well. Make sure you check out our collection of accessories, which includes charging blocks and cables, to ensure that you’re better prepared and never miss a puff again!

Contact Us to Learn More!

If you’re a JUUL user who is devoted to the JUUL and fully enjoys the convenient, easy, portable vaping solution - but one who has experienced problems associated with battery life, storage, or missing vape pens - then the VQ Volt is for you.

You can learn more about this revolutionary JUUL portable charging case right here on our website, and if you have any questions get in touch with us at Well be glad to answer any questions you have, but you should make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss out on news and developments!

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