A Compilation of Some of the Best JUUL Accessories
A Compilation of Some of the Best JUUL Accessories

A Compilation of Some of the Best JUUL Accessories

It seems like everyone loves the JUUL system, at least everyone that vapes. Truth is, even people that smoke cigarettes and are looking for a convenient way to get away from smoking love the JUUL system, too.

It’s convenient, it’s small, light, and sleek. It takes pods that don’t need to be refilled, unlike the tanks of larger, bulkier mods. A JUUL simply could not be easier to use and doesn’t have complex controls or activation features. It’s draw activated, so it’s ready when you are, and has no confusing features. It’s the ultimate in discrete, portable vaping devices.

But the JUUL system, despite these significant advantages, is far from perfect. That same size that makes them so convenient also makes them easy to lose. Since the pods are not intended to be refilled, their limited capacity means you need to often have a number on hand. They also have small batteries which die pretty readily, making it necessary to keep a charger on hand or within reach.

How can you solve some of these minor problems associated with the JUUL system? With the best of the best JUUL accessories, of course.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful accessories out there. Take advantage of some of these. They’ll enhance your vaping experience, keep you within reach of a charged device, and even enable you to organize and personalize the experience, among other benefits!

  1. JUUL Skins

If you love your JUUL but see it as a canvas on which you can reflect your colorful personality, then JUUL skins are for you. Either you need to be an artist yourself, or you can take advantage of the many suppliers that have cropped up to give JUUL users some artistic release.

It’s not hard to find JUUL skins, and you can find them everywhere from specialty suppliers like SkinIt to Amazon, in as many different designs as you can possibly envision. There’s a big market for JUULs, and just as big a market for JUUL users that like to advertise their personal interests on their JUULs.

There is so much variety under the sun in JUUL skins that we simply can’t neatly categorize it here. Whether you’re looking for something akin to a rhinestone-encrusted JUUL skin or even one that sports the Stars and Stripes, you really won’t need to look too hard. A simple Google scan will put you in front of more options than you’ll be able to file away. Just look into one of those specialty suppliers or actually search for the theme you want promoted and you’ll have no trouble adding some personal swag to your JUUL sticks.

  1. JUUL Mouthpieces

Do you have a habit of chewing on the mouthpiece of your JUUL device and damaging it? Some vapers enjoy the tactile experience, but it can chew up the bit in pretty short order, and the idea is not to destroy your JUUL.

There is a solution to this that will both keep you happy and extend the life of your JUUL device. It’s similar to the solution for those that chew on the stems of their pipes, ruining them before their time, and it takes the form of a flexible, resilient bit that slides over the mouthpiece.

You can purchase very similar JUUL accessories that do the same thing. There are a variety of mouthpiece covers available that have been specifically designed according to the dimensions of the JUUL, in an equally wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. You can also purchase dust covers for JUUL devices that will help to keep contaminants, like dust, out of the mouthpiece. These represent just one more way to personalize the look of your JUUL and the experience of using it!

  1. Carrying Cases and Anti-Loss Devices

It’s no secret that the JUUL is easy to lose. The same traits that endear it so pointedly to so many users - its small size and ease of portability also make it remarkably easy to lose. That reason alone is why so many different accessories are focused on making JUULs harder to lose, or easier to retrieve, a JUUL device.

Categorizing them all cannot be done easily. Some of them take the form of rings that slip around a JUUL, thereby increasing its size, or giving it the ability to be fastened to something else. There are also a number of different neckwear devices and other cases that are designed to be fit onto other accessories (like phones) that can be mated to a JUUL so you won’t lose it.

The right carrying case - such as those that fully enclose the device - can make it easier to maintain track of your JUUL while at the same time protecting it.

  1. Additional Charging Cables

There’s something else about JUULs that is a common enough gripe, and it has to do with the limited battery life of JUUL devices. While they are convenient, lightweight, and easy to use, they don’t have the most robust batteries out there. If anything, the batteries paired with JUULs are disappointingly short lived.

For those that use their JUUL devices frequently, it’s common enough for a JUUL to go dead in the middle of the day or peter out long before the day is over. Without access to a charging cable, that means you either have to cut off your vaping when the battery dies or carry a spare JUUL. It’s not doubtful that some people carry spares, but you can just as easily carry a spare charging cable, taking up the same space.

Plus, with a charging cable, like a USB cable, you can charge it on a laptop, with a charging block, or even with an adapter in your car. That way, your JUUL will be ready when you need it, and if not, you can bring it back up to charge in no time.

  1. Protective JUUL Covers

JUULs may be convenient and easy to carry around, but they’re also very small and relatively fragile. You can easily pick up a protective JUUL cover to protect your JUUL device from scratches and other dings. Plus, there are some covers that give you just as much freedom to express yourself as the skins mentioned previously.

Whether you’re looking to personalize your JUUL or just keep it somewhere out of harm’s way, a JUUL cover is a practical accessory. In addition, there are some cases that don’t fit the JUUL tightly and give you extra space to carry not only the JUUL but chargers, cables and additional pods.

  1. Charging Adapters (Like Car Chargers)

While a charging cable is necessary to restore a charge to a dead JUUL, sometimes you need more than just a charging cable. Let’s say you’re stuck in a car or some other vehicle when you realize your JUUL is dead. Without a charging adapter like a car charger, you won’t have much recourse, especially if you have a long drive ahead of you - and who stops at a rest stop just to recharge a JUUL or another vaping device?

Now, of course, you could just carry a car charger in your carrying case or among your other accessories so that you never have to experience that unfortunate happenstance. It’ll cost a few dollars and it’ll pay for itself in a week or two. Plus, how much space do you think a spare will eat up in a glove box or a console storage space?

  1. Charging Blocks

Similarly, a charging block is a JUUL accessory that is every bit as valuable as a charging adapter like a car charger. You’ll still need a charging cable, so keep that in the roster of the most important accessories - but throw a few blocks in there, because without a charging block, you can’t use a USB charger with a standard outlet.

Get a few of them and keep them in places where you might need one. Of course, keep one in your home port, throw one in your bag or backpack or with your briefcase. When your JUUL dies and you’re not near a computer or a USB port, you’ll be glad you packed a spare charging block.

  1. USB Chargers

There is another unique JUUL accessory that deserves some press for its ability to save you from a dead JUUL, and it is known as a USB charger. There are some USB chargers that will plug directly into a USB and then can be paired with your JUUL to provide power. That is, you charge the USB charger and then use it to power your JUUL. That way, as long as you have access to a USB port, you won’t necessarily need to carry around cables. They are light and take up very little space, so keeping a spare on hand can never hurt - and they’re also very affordable.

  1. JUUL Pod Organizers

JUULs take pods, which some users see as a benefit and an advantage over heavier, bulkier, more complex mods with tanks that need to be refilled. There is an element of convenience in the use of pods, but at the same time, if you like more than one type of JUUL pod, you need to have them all on hand, and they are very small and very easy to lose. That is, they are very easy to lose without the use of a JUUL pod organizer, which, like the rest of the JUUL accessories on this list, is wildly practical and highly affordable.

There are a variety of JUUL pod organizers on the market that are very cheap and purposely designed to help you organize and transport your different JUUL pods. Some of them even have space dedicated for the JUUL itself, or more than one, so you can keep everything you need all in one place.

  1. JUUL Lanyards

Looking for a way to keep your JUUL close at hand so that you won’t lose it, but you aren’t too hot on the idea of keeping it in a carrying case? If that situation describes you, you might be a prime candidate for a purpose-designed JUUL lanyard. They exist, and like everything else here, are affordable, lightweight, sleek, and practical.

Not only are there a bunch of uniquely designed JUUL lanyards that help you keep your JUUL close at hand, but they can give you a creative outlet as well, since many of them are styled uniquely. They don’t give you much space to store and organize your other accessories, but if you travel light, then it’s no issue.

  1. The VQ Volt

Finally, there’s one more JUUL accessory that any JUUL user can find good use for, and it’s our own VQ Volt, which is a purpose-built portable JUUL charger that is discrete, sleek and extremely practical.

Coming in at only 2.1 by 2.7 by .4 inches, this little device stays out of the way so you’ll never be encumbered by it. It’s well designed to fit onto the back of a smartphone via the aid of the included magnets, but it can also be affixed to any flat surface, like a desk, a nightstand, a car dashboard, or anywhere else that you could need it. Also, since it comes with two magnetic plates, you can easily carry it on your phone and have a reserve station somewhere else that you need it.

It’s also efficient and powerful, and it can carry up to two full charges for a JUUL, so you don’t need to carry around spare JUULs anymore. Starting the day with a fully charged JUUL, it’ll be like you had two more backups ready for you when you needed them. It can also take a JUUL from completely dead to fully charged in as little as 30 minutes.

It’s not just a portable charger - you can also use it as a storage device for your JUUL so you never lose it. As long as you know where your VQ Volt is (like on the back of your phone) you’ll also know where your JUUL is.

Is it the only JUUL accessory you’ll ever need? Maybe not - which is why we compiled this list - but it certainly is the only portable charger of its kind, and worth a spot in your roster of JUUL accessories!

If you have any questions about our VQ Volt or where you can get any of the other accessories on this list, contact us at

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