5 Ways to Up Your Vaping Game with VQ FLUUX
5 Ways to Up Your Vaping Game with VQ FLUUX
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5 Ways to Up Your Vaping Game with VQ FLUUX

It's safe to say that vaping has taken the world by storm. This innovative and convenient invention is an alternative to cigarettes that delivers nicotine as vapor. It replaces the dangerous, chemical-laced nicotine of cigarettes and is used by over one billion people the world over.


Whether you are vaping as a way to help you quit cigarettes for good or you choose to vape recreationally, you no doubt experience problems from time to time that affects your vaping experience. From running out of charge to losing your vape, VQ FLUUX solves these problems and offers multiple features that will up your vaping game and enhance your experience.


1. Never Lose Your Vape Again


You're sure you put it in your pocket. Or did you leave it at home? Could it be sitting in the glove compartment of your car? Discovering that you've lost or misplaced your vape when you need it is frustrating and inconvenient. With VQ FLUUX, you don't ever need to worry about these problems again. The VQ FLUUX  has a convenient slot for storing your JUUL™ discreetly, ensuring that you always know where it is.


2. Charge Your Vape on the Go


The VQ FLUUX charger is packed with power thanks to its high capacity 640mAh battery. You will get close to 3 full JUUL™ charges. What's more, the battery offers 2x faster charging, allowing JUUL™ to charge within 30 minutes. Doesn't that sound better than hunting around for a plug socket or borrowing a charger?


3. Protection and Versatility in One


The robust VQ FLUUX is tough enough to withstand high falls and hard knocks. You will still have access to all of your phone ports, including your USB C or Lightning port. VQ FLUUX doesn't interrupt your smartphone enjoyment, it enhances it.


4. Always In the Loop


With the VQ FLUUX app, you'll always be kept informed. VQ FLUUX keeps track of how many pods you have used, the pods you have left, and the money you have spent. The history feature allows you to monitor trends so that you can adjust the number of pods you are using over time. On the home screen, you can also see how much charge is left in your JUUL™ and the VQ FLUUX.


5. Set and Track Goals


If you are looking to reduce your pod usage over time, you can set goals in the VQ FLUUX app that will help you to stay accountable and on track. Over time, as you reduce your vaping habit, you can also reduce the number of pods you receive.


A Game-changer for the Vaping Lifestyle


VQ FLUUX is the ultimate phone case accessory and offers a multitude of great features and solutions in one handy product. In fact, we think it's a game-changer for vapers everywhere. If you are using a JUUL™ and want a secure and convenient way to store, charge, and protect your device, VQ FLUUX offers these benefits and much more.


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