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True Portable Charging

Charge from anywhere you want whenever you want. The VQ Volt is the only patented removable charger that can be attached to whatever surface you want!

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2x Faster Charging

  • With our superior batteries you can charge your JUUL from 0%-100% in 30 min or less.
  • Packed with enough battery to charge your JUUL up to 2 times,

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Magnetic Connection

  • Our extra strong magnets allow you to move the VQ Volt wherever you want while ensuring it never detaches from where you last left it.
  • From your phone to your car dashboard to your nightstand, using our VQ Steel plates.

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Never lose it again

By always having your JUUL in your VQ Volt when you aren't using it, you will never wonder where you left it last or risk losing it again.

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Slim, Discreet, Compact Design

  • Measuring only 2.6” long x 2” wide x 0.4” thick & weighing only 1oz (29g)
  • The VQ Volt is about the same thickness as an iPhone and by far the smallest, most compact, portable charger out there!

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LED Indicator

Once you insert your JUUL the LED on the VQ Volt will flash 3 times in either Green, Yellow, Or Red to indicate how much battery power is left, so you always know when it's time to recharge it.

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The VQ Volt is the world's first PATENTED, universal, portable charger designed for the JUUL brand vaporizer. Using our VQ Steel plates and high strength rare earth magnets, the VQ Volt is a Juul phone charger that can be attached to the back of your...

Dual USB Charger

Want to charge your phone and VQ Volt from the same outlet? So do we! Thats why we have this handy dual usb charger that lets you charge 2 devices from the same outlet. The prongs fold up nicely for easy travel without pocking you...

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Track pods, your usage, understand your behavior & set goals to cut down if you want, all while charging!

VQ Fluux Coming Soon

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Same Design, New Features

Following the same breakthrough design of the VQ Volt the VQ FLUUX is just as slim, compact, & discreet but comes with revolutionary new features.

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Mobile App

Get analytics and insights about your vaping habits, goals, history, and money spent on pods.

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Cut Down Your Usage

Set goals to cut down your usage and the VQ FLUUX app will sent you notifications to keep you on track to meet or exceed your goals

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JUUL® Vaporizer Storage

You can securely, discreetly, and conveniently store your JUUL® vaporizer.

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Predictive Auto-Ship

  • The VQ FLUUX app tracks your usage and can automatically reorder pods for you when you're running low, to ensure they arrive before you run out.
  • You can always adjust the frequency or amount of pods you want to receive in the Auto-Ship settings

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Support & Rewards

If you’re trying to cut down your usage, the VQ Fluux app provides you with a support system to keep you on track and rewards you for achieving or exceeding your goals.

The Fluux App

View of the Fluux app home screen showing charge status of vape and case.
View of the Fluux app analytics screen showing money spent, pods used, and pods left.
View of the Fluux app history screen showing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views of the analytics.
View of the Fluux app refill screen showing the step in which you choose your favorite flavors.


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Our VQ FLUUX design makes taking your vape with you effortless and integrates charging as a seamless part of your routine. Never get stuck misplacing your vape or finding it out of charge again.

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Using analytics, we provide you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your usage. Use our tools to budget your pods and see which months you may have gone over your usual trend.

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Set wellness goals to decrease your vaping. Gain control of your lifestyle by creating objectives and tracking your progress while being rewarded for your achievements.

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Use our app to order more pods when needed manually or set up Auto-Ship and have the VQ FLUUX app reorder for you when you’re running low to ensure your fresh pods arrive before your run out.


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